Overheard eating lunch outside two bros lunchin' Bro 1 Aw man bro I forgot to grab my hummus! Bro 2 gotchu bro what kind you want Bro 1 Surprise me bro 5 minutes later Bro 2 Here you go bro Bro 1 GUY YOU GOT GARLIC THATS WHATS UP Bro 2 I know your hummus style bro This exchange has made me ridiculously happy thedailydoseofadderall existenceisanillusion positive-memes This exchange just happened near me and it’s made my day This is the whitest shit I’ve ever heard in my life yall need to calm the fuck down Let people be happy and kind to each other instead of being so negative Who cares who they were or what their skin color was? Let the mans eat his fucking hummus It’s literally a post about two guys having a happy exchange and your negative ass comes in Get out the door is to your left This was a joke you absolute fucking retard Im not disparaging the mentally disabled Im just stating a fact that you have to be retarded to have said that Im not leaving youre free to leave though the door is to your right What are you doing here? Stupid ass bitch probably cant even read the disclaimer on my blog thats literally titled offensive memes Meme

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