own on roasting rack r Level 9 for 13 to 16 t near bone is no longer clear Rearrange after Boscobel Wis Crab Cakes 1 lb baked fish 1 cup bread d 6 minutes ¼ tsp pepper 1 tsp Worcester- ymond D Mittan Jr Maitland Fla crumbs 1 large egg shire sauce 1 tsp dry mustard ¼ cup mayonnaise Oil ¼ tsp Salt iled Fish Bake fish until flaky Cool mix together 1 tbsp chives 2 tbs with remaining ingredients Shape into hamburger-sized patties Fry in pan with ps chopped parsley 4 to 6 ozs only a little oil until golden brown Deputy Joseph Gene Vugrincic Pittsburgh Pa halibut salmon cod or sword- fish Stuffed Camel ease broiler pan with epare herb sauce by ts except fish in a s of the mixture on hes from heat for 6 read with remaining utes longer or until 1 whole camel 2 kilos pine nuts 2 kilos almonds 1 kilo pistachio medium size 1 whole lamb large size nuts 20 whole chickens 110 gallons water medium size 5 tbsps black 60 eggs pepper 12 kilos rice Salt to taste Skin trim and clean the camel lamb and Visalia Calchickens and boil until tender Be sure the pot is large enough Cook rice until fluffed Fry nuts until brown and mix with rice Hard-boil the eggs and peel them Stuff the chickens with eggs and rice Stuff the lamb cider vinegar with five of the chickens and some rice Stuff the camel with the lamb and more rice Broil in large oven until brown Spread 2 eggs beaten the remaining mixed rice on a large tray ents except beaten and place the camel on top Place the re- eat until butter is maining stuffed chickens around the camel ggs and cook for 5 Decorate rice with boiled eggs and nuts at until thickened And don't worry if there are more guests than expected-the recipe serves 80 to 100 Deputy Ruth E Buntrock FIC Gaastra Mich Franci is Yarnell FIC an Sauce 1 tbsp apple Minced parsley flakes r chicken r Marllyn H Tobin Loveland Colo 53 I'm going to need a bigger kitchen Meme

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