oylmpians a list of current immortals florence welch probably like 200 BCE celtic queen keeanu reeves 1500 renaissance hoe jeff goldblum late 1800's i would guess harry styles fairly new immortal 1970's lorde 1920's flapper era hozier man who even knows rough estimate is like 400 BCE john mulaney 1930's40's still bitter about the great depression probably and if he could put it in a bit with out being #exposed he would paul rudd newest to the immortal club didn't age past the 1990's hespeirides timothee chalamet late renaissance portrait model jeff buckley - poet from 1950's beat generation let's pretend for a while he's still alive okay mads mikkelsen - general a roman war disappeared when rome fell and resurfaced as a viking king during 800's anne hathaway - indefinite probably been around since early middle ages oscar isaac - renaissance era lara pulver - venice 1600's keira knightley c 1800's lived in a big mansion with 10+ girlfriends strictly no men allowed arranged both fancy masquerades and ghost hunts highly educated and intelligent best friends with ada lovelace and mary shelley jude law - oxford classics teacher in late 1800's was on board titanic when it sank ??? idek don't ask me how he survived tom hiddleston - psychologist in 1800's most famous patient was vincent van gogh ezra miller 18-19th century lived in a castle somewhere in eastern europe transylvania or ukraine most likely it is rumoured bram stoker got part of the inspiration for dracula from him lucy liu - pirate queen c 1700's estimate no one knows for sure skilled in kung-fu and sword fighting lana del rey - 1920's dated f scott fitzgerald eva green ~1600's Source oylmpians 91793 notes A Good That We keep track Meme

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