@Pactpert JAPAN TRIED TO SURRENDER BEFORE THE ATOMIC BOMBINGS Japan approached the Soviet Union in mid July 1945 with a view to using the Soviet Union as an intermediary to a negotiated peace with the US and Britain Japan proposed sending PrinceKonoye as an emissary to the Soviet Union to open discussions with the Soviets about acting as intermediaries The Japanese Imperial Council was trying to end the war on their terms Among these were • The Emperor would remain on the throne • There would be no war crimes trials • There would be no occupation of the home islands That the first of these was accepted by the Allies after the surrender is generally given as the single reason that unconditional surrender was unacceptable to Japan and hence that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were unnecessary The other conditions were clearly unacceptable to the Allies The Japanese were trying to find intermediaries Switzerland Sweden the USSR to help negotiate an armistice The US knew of these attempts through Magic and Ultra decyphers of communiques that Japanese diplomats were sent and sending Failing to get an armistice on their terms the Japanese military hoped to inflict such horrendous casualties on the US that the US would be willing to negotiate something less than unconditional surrender WW2 Meme

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