Paige 1 min Dude shoutout to the lady who overheard me lamenting about wanting candy but not wanting to pay $5 for it while waiting to watch Blade Runner 2049 She got up and said What candy do you want? And I looked at her like What? And she repeated herself tried to politely turn her down but she literally demanded I tell her So l told her I wanted Sour Patch Kids Then she gets up she never smiled once and says T'll get you your Sour Patch Because obviously these three won't and nodded her head towards Jordan Andrew and Michael This didn't feel like a charitable gesture It was a power move This lady swept in to bring me candy like some sort of weathered brooding theater vigilante She was my guardian angel of concessions My white knight of overpriced sweets My literal sugar mama rexuality This is the post dramatic thing I’ve ever posted on Facebook Meme

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