PairOfDucks When professional tetris players purposely build up but you're scared to go past the 1st half of the screen 2 years ago 21K REPLY View 11 replies Howard Hammond that moment when you get 999998 2 years ago 18K REPLY View 28 replies v Prism Tutaj FOR PEOPLE WONDERING HOW HE'S GETTING WHAT APPEARS TO BE 3-LINE TETRISES When someone clears the top-most row the game gets confused and clears the top 4 lines as well as the bottom This also counts as a Tetris since the game thinks it's clearing 4 lines 3 years ago 16K REPLY View 32 replies v Oddlylncredible For folks wondering how it seems the game is giving tetrominoes ina repeating order let's discuss the concept of PRNG manipulation Pseudorandom number generation uses math algorithms to generate a stream of numbers that seems random but isn't - there is a pattern that repeats eventually but you might have to cycle through billionstrillionsquadrillionsetc of numbers before that happens For the popular Mersenne Twister algorithm for example the pattern repeats after 2^19937-1 values However the Read more 4 years ago 890 REPLY View 50 repliesv Mr Randomness why is this in my recommendations 2 years ago 367 REPLY View 7 repliesv YouTube's new comment timestamp placement Who asked for this? Meme

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