papasmoke In her essay Tik Tok the great philosopher Ke$ha declared that 'the party don't start till I walk in which is clearly meant to convey that any recreational gathering is not truly a party until Ke$ha herself arrives But what if Ke$ha were to leave the party for some period of time only to then walk in again? This paradoxical scenario in which a party must simultaneously already exist and not exist yet is known as Ke$ha's Quantum Party and has stumped theoretical physicists for decades terpsikeraunos Ke $ha clearly states that when I leave for the night l ain't comin' back Animal 24 and furthermore that Tonight Imma fight'Til we see the sunlight 213-14 implying that she will neither depart nor desist from celebration until the following solar recurrence moreover she asserts in the refrain that the party don't stop no 216 sagely reassuring us that no spacetime-rending event will occur 198464 notes Ke$ha’s Quantum Party Meme

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