PARDON ME YOUNG MAN IS THIS YOURS? In my head I can see this entire conversation playing out Mr Rogers That is an impressive hammer that you have there Would it be okay if held it? Thor You may certainly try Sir Rogers of the hood R Is it very heavy? T There are many who find unmovable R How interesting It doesn't seem very heavy t R But you know sometimes life is a lot like that Something that may be very easy for one person may be very difficult for another Have you found this to be true? T Um yes Yes I have R Do you know why that is? T looks at Rogers curiously R 1 think that it's because everyone is special and unique in different ways Just because someone has difficuity lifting your hammer doesn't mean that they are not talented in other ways In fact I suspect that those individuals can probably do things that you and I would never dream of T nods That is true You are very wise Sir Rogers I am humbled by your counsel R And I am so glad that you decided to visit today srsfunny Wholesome steal from another platform Meme

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