participlepotato I could post pictures of new cosplay but why do that when I can post new pictures of old cosplay! So here’s more pictures of my dreamer roxy! This time in an even better setting than a library a hotel attached to gen con! You may have seen me and if so hello! I didn’t have my usual bracelets on in these photos cause it was 1 in the morning and I was a very tired bean Photography my mum again! Cosplayer me! @participlepotato And the wonderful little Mutie given to me by @firegodjr You guys these chairs were even fancier than last photoshoot’s chairs! Another note soon there will be more fancy dreamers joining me at conventions! I’m calling them the dreamer teamers haha I can’t post the designs right now cause some want to keep it a surprise but if all goes well there will soon be an Aradia Kanaya Rose Jane and Dave! Have a great day everyone! Instagram momma_molotov Meme

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