kropotkindersurprise: moltherion: kropotkindersurprise: olaeinaiflou: kropotkindersurprise: 1944 - Snowball the cat tries to take over a machine gun in Normandy so she can shoot some Nazis herself. Good luck to you, Snowball! [video] I prefer the version that the cat tries to stop him from shouting another human being. Well, luckily that version isn’t true, and the Nazis were defeated by shooting lots of them. Good job, Snowball! Trench warfare, a Madsen MG, and the late revision kettle helmet point to the actually time frame of this being mid to late World War 1, British Soldiers, on the western front of the war. Probably engaged in a stalemate with German forces at Verdun, The Battle of the Somme ,or The Third Ypres Campaign. A good attempt at sounding smart, dear porn blog, but I think you didn’t notice there’s a video link attached showing when and where it is.