PATRICK MULLEN-COYOY Where is Guatemala? Where in Mexico is Guatemala? The question hangs in the air For an answer that lies beyond your grasp How do you tell them where Guatemala is? waiting How can you give them a sense of a place a feeling- a memory really -that even you barely know? You start off easily enough What is Guatemala? It's mixtas it's rellenitos it's shecas It's tiendas selling típica and Hastily-painted souvenirs That you'll treasure for the next decade It's chicken busses and tuk tuks Carpets made of woods Smog mixes wi Smog mixes vi crazyexmachina Two years ago I decided to write again Having just returned from a trip back to Xela after nearly 9 years it felt right I wrote this poem through tears posted it to Tumblr and then let it be One year ago I decided to submit this poem for publication with @tiachuchapress I rushed to editexcise those bits and parts that didn’t stand the test of time I clicked send and then let it be Today I read “Where is Guatemala?” out loud for the first time ever Today I looked back on words that I have not dared read since submission lest I discover some glaring flaw And yet reading today I knew this was not a “lesser” poem from my past It’s different for sure but like “Chapingolandia” it stands for a certain moment a certain feeling a certain Central American mix of dust and incense in the air And so I do not merely let it be but celebrate this piece that I’ve nurtured for so long This is just the beginning and I’m so excited to share it with all of you 💜🇬🇹 Meme

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