Patrick S Tomlinson @stealthygeek Had a lot of Trump voters trying to introduce themselves to me the last few days as if they're an alien species making first contact 1 62017 614 PM 36 Retweets 86 Likes Patrick S Tomlinson @stealthyge 1h v Replying to @stealthygeek Apparently being told directly and unequivocally that they're not good people has made a lot of them feel the need to justify themselves 2 04 42 Patrick S Tomlinson @stealthy 59m v Well I have bad news for y'all This liberal bubble' you've all been trivjed into believing is bullshit It doesn't exist We know you 3 4 52 Patrick S Tomlinson @stealthy 58m We ALL know dozens of Trump voters You're not an uncontacted Amazonian tribe with mysterious customs and an uninteligible language 4 5 64 Patrick S Tomlinson @stealthy 57m v You're our friends coworkers even family We know EXACTLY who you are And we know you watched for 18 months while and unhinged child 5 60 Patrick S Tomlinson* @stealthy-56m ﹀ spewed racism and xenophoibia scapegiated immigrants and refugees bragged about serial sexual assault threatened his opponents w6 4 53 Patrick S Tomlinson @stealthy 55m v prison offered to pay the legal bills of his supporters who attacked protestors Lied every single day We saw you watching him 7 4 Patrick S Tomlinson @stealthy 54m And we saw you LOVING him for it We heard you brag about how he was going to take YOUR country back for people just like you 8 V55 Patrick S Tomlinson* @stealthy-53m We saw We heard And then we watched you vote for him Saw you celebrate as this nightmare YOU caused got underway at full speed 9 4 52 Patrick S Tomlinson @stealthy 52m v We saw you parrot FAKE NEWS! whenever the media did its damned job of reporting true things about him Saw you lie about crowd size 10 6 Patrick S Tomlinson @stealthy 50m We already know very well who you are We've been watching the whole time We don't need an introduction from you We need an apology 11 2 5 51 Patrick S Tomlinson * @stealthy 50m Your actions these last 18 months were not the actions of good citizens or even good people They were the actions of bullies 12 4 Patrick S Tomlinson * @stealthy-48m ﹀ Want to talk to me? Start by accepting responsibility for the consequences of your actions Conservatives are suppposedly big on that 13 5 4 52 Patrick S Tomlinson * @stealthy 47m Then we can move forward Then you can start to rebuild your reputations Then you can be a good person again Not before quasi-normalcy tbridge chartier Trump voters the bullshit “liberal bubble” and accountability I’m just gonna put this here for my cousins and for my other family We don’t hate Trump supporters because we don’t know what they’re really like we hate Trump supporters because we know exactly what they’re really like Meme

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