Paul Cornell O Follow @Paul Cornell A complete beautiful reinvention of #DoctorWho- So relatable down to earth with such character and sense of place A great new Doctor too And we immediately love all her friends Drama scares and comedy for all the family Brilliant 305 PM-7 Oct 2018 r Hunter @HunterHunts 1996 Follow Replying to Paul _Cornell Yea I could tell you never seen previous doctor who's 311 PM-7 Oct 2018 2 Retweets 20 Likes Philip @TheWatcherlsBae Follow Replying to @HunterHunts1996 @Paul_Cornell You You do realise Paul Cornell has literally written for every single Doctor from the 1st to the 12th right? Not only in books and the like but on TV as well No? Oh dear 340 PM 7 Oct 2018 86 Likes r Hunter @HunterHunts 1996 Follow Replying to @HunterHunts1996 @Paul_Cornell I got blocked by the writer of doctor who 409 PM 7 Oct 2018 beccaland wcreaf jayadan This is my favorite form of entertainment Sequel Geek gatekeeping is a deadly occupation and NOBODY has to do it Learn from the examples of the fallen fellow nerds Don’t be that guy Meme

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