Paul Joseph Watson @Priso 1h v Hijab or no hijab she's not attractive Wonder why she was picked? Student set to become first person to wear hijab in Miss England final dailymailcouk 349 t 213 800 The Internet Proudly Present 53m v Dude she's so far out of your league I don't even know what to tell you Luis Hulyer @Truleese 52m Amazing what a good filter will do The Internet Proudly Present - 51m It's worth a try eh Luis Hulyer go straight infora personal attack on me but I suppose that's what you people are all about Mikey Emogender @kayamikey Follow Replying to @PhazGiz @katybats uis persoally aiacks her oveer her appearance Luis *gets his appearance attacked in response* uis why ar you poaly atiacking me??? 307 AM-3 Sep 2018 87 Retweets 743 Likes mysharona1987 They are saying with a straight face This Woman Is Not Attractive Like I’m not even a lesbian but come the fuck on Meme

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