peachestrovosky: peachestrovosky: The Foxes | The Foxhole Court I reupload it because people weren’t able to watch it on mobile and it piss me off everytime this happen to me. so here it is again and i kept the youtube post too. @allocaro  #the bit where it’s like i think your my best friend   #and neil is inclining his head down towards andrew   #i died   #this is fantastic and emotional   #and   #and the part where andrew’s on the phone with the lyric the kids aren’t alright playing   #i don’t know if it was on purpose   #but it just reminded me of that scene where neil calls andrew when he broke down   #i just   #this video went above and beyond what i could have expected and wanted thank you   Seriously you’re so sweet (i checked your others tag on my others videos that you reblogged and seriously you made my day) I’m just really happy to see that people saw the little thing i’m trying to match with the lyrics lol The bit with ‘I think your my best friend’ like I edit a huge part of the vid to make it fit and i’m glad you appreciated it :))