Peanut Butter Alert for Your Pets A new type of peanut butter and other nut butters is being sold with less sugar but now includes xylitol as a sweetener That is what is used in sugarless gum and it can be deadly to dogs Many people use peanut butter as a dog treat or to fill a Kong or disguise medications if they now use the type with xylitol it could be very dangerous ainawgsd veterinaryrambles vaspider teamvoorhees animal-factbook Dog owners please be aware REBLOG THIS PLEASE This is Snopes-confirmed Also be aware this is very common in sugar free food of many kinds The retriever puppy who I know of who died of xylitol poisoning got hold of a pack of sugar-free gum Always good to remind folks - if it has xylitol KEEP IT AWAY FROM DOGS! It induces profound hypoglycemia and liver failure and is life-threatening Friendly reminder to read ALL of the ingredients if you ever give any kind of “human” food or table scraps to your pets Meme

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