peeing into the toilet water and making noise peeing slowly and making less noise peeing on the side of the bowl to avoid making nolse insert body directly into tolelt water and peeing directly inside to aveid making notse drinking all toilet water and peeing inside the teilet with no water to avoid making nse drinking your pee and quietly gargling then slowly spitting into toilet over the oourse of 3 hours to avoid making peeing on the floor then Moaking up the pee with a sponge and lathering the sponge in soap and cleaning your toilet with it squeezing sponge quietly putting a military grade surpressor on your body while peeing and aiming with a precise 45 degree angle to bounce of the wall nto the toilet bowl silently peeing on your hand and then using a flashilight and magniflying glass to evaporate the pee without making any noise after seviral month peeing into your own eys and blinking several times to sprinkle it into the toilet without making any sounds Peeing directly into the water reservoir so that when someone else pees the flush water blends in with the new pee so it doesn't make any noise Peeing into the sink while it is running so the sound of the pee is overshadowed and doesn't make any nolse Peeing into the air with a parabolic are and catching it in your mouth and then drinking it soit doesn't make any noise Peeing backwards inte your asshole which you are holding open uatil it is full ef pee and then clenching in shut and waiting until you have to shit so you can pass it off as diarrbea making no Bohe Climbing onto the sink and doing a handstand while slowly peeing onto the lightbulb above the sink so it will slowly vaporize the pee over the course of several hours so it doesn't make any noise Watching pchie vide Veate your ph a y perfily preet e fere yo pee at jest the righ peis n bars ver houads af yeas s rays will imadiate the pis particles wad tey beeme radarthe sd decay lato e a mking o t d eatd b d he w F R w d e aking ae dinbe r e g ad i yte se 3a e the p e de for de bal h d d thit ig gy i w thhighe if yde d ew r dre e t g sdypad sgh e aw efw es n tp y ing wilr e durud ed et met dy ts d ngy d thy dee 'ed b e t qt d ae cg g p of ving e gra dsfaack b d ng the y btyin a peremde g glay and g t he t ay g ng r la 's ay b y af e k dmded r ddry par hdy wh dyt r t t di d thrgh tb ga as cies wich at yi ly de d e re f gd d b k E ydy a sh ver y gerbck k e th e yu d e ppf Eth tar t red t earth d si ndnd il a ng Peak male performance by VolcanicMonkey5 FOLLOW 4 MORE MEMES Meme

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