peeing into the toilet water and noise peeing slowly and making less noise peeing on the side of the bowl to avoid insert body directly into toielt water and peeing directly inside to avoid making noise drinking all toilet water and peeing inside the toilet with no water to avoid making noise drinking your pee and quietly gargling then slowly spitting into toilet over the course of 3 hours to avoid making peeing on the floor then soaking up the pee with a sponge and lathering the sponge in soap and cleaning your toilet with it queezing sponge quietly a military grade on your body while peeing and aiming with a precise 45 degree angle to bounce of the wal into the toilet bowl silenth peeing on your hand and then using a flashlight and magnifiying glass to evaporate the pee without making any noise after several months peeing into your own eyes and blinking several times to sprinkle it into the toilet without making any sounds Peeing directly into the water reservoir so that when someone else pees the flush water blends in with the new pee so it doesn't make any noi Peeing into the sink while it is running so the sound of the pee is overshadowed and doesn't make any noise Peeing into the air with a parabolic arc and catching it in your mouth and then drinking it sot doesn't make any noise Peeing backwards into your asshole which you are holding open until it is full of pee and then clenching it shut and waiting until you have to shit so you can pass it off as dia noise Climbing onto the sink and doing a handstand while slowly peeing onto the lightbulb above the sink so it will slowly vaporize the pee over the course of several hours so it doesn' make any noise Watching psychic videos on Youtube on your phone until you can perfectly predict the feture so you pee at just the right points in bursts over thousands of cosmic rays will irradiate the piss particles until they become radioactive and decay isto the air peeing so the electricity will travel p it and stop your beart and then they bary you be yos learsed to restart your beartbeat from Tibetias mosks so yos wake up agaia and clinb up throngh the dirt and start e lde is Argeatina with yberg inortal Hitler atil yoa can seize poser logether creatiag the Fourth Reich so you hare the travel back is tine and give it to yeur past self so yoe can pee vithost making any rmoing the fleor tles until ysu Carefull can see the dirt below the bathrooms and carefally dgging a bole aver the couse several years releasing the excess dirt threagh yor pant legs every time yea go creating a ak» hottle recycliag machise at the lecal apermaruet to callect vater beetles atil yos bave teas of thousands aad you pee is hem silently over the coarse of your eatire uedergroesd facility ushil you die where hey remain or several billion years un the San becomes a red giaat aad walloes the Earth and the particles will drift is space another civiluatiee's versios ef yes will niverve undergoes beat death but thes of esistesce and the Bext until here are mere left to ascend aad Gee it will loop ntil the process breaks and there iathiag eft at all making so aoise <p>Peeing into the toilet water via rmemes <a href=httpifttt2uO69UY>httpifttt2uO69UY<a><p> Meme

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