PENDING APPROVAL 70419 859pm It's not racism you racist prick Gingers are the least represented ethnicity in media and well-known ginger characters are continuously recast as black Ariel is the latest example of this practice but look no further to the whole West family from DC Comics The Flash in its Arrowverse incarnation or Anna Diop as Starfire in Titans Zendaya as Michelle in Spider-man Homecoming from the House of Mouse and again with Iris West in the upcoming DC WB Flashpoint movie Why is it OK to erase redheads from the media in favour of black actors? Redheads are severely less represented than people from African descent why advocating for redheads to remain redheads is racism? You are the racist asses here Reply PENDING APPROVAL 70419 903pm According to you advocating for her not to be black is racism Advocating for her to be black is even more racist Changing a pre-established character's race to fill a political agenda is racism Reply PENDING APPROVAL 70419 905pm If you want inclusion and representation you would ask Disney to leave her ginger since they are the least represented ethnicity Reply I didn't know redhead was an ethnicity Meme

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