penfairy I visited the museum and I heard two bros in the dinosaur exhibit having an earnest discussion about the best way to kill a T-Rex with a sword and what kind of armour should be worn into the battle and they spoke with such passion I really wish the scientific community could have heard them I'd love to know how palaeontologists would weigh in on The Great Debate penfairy For instance was the bro in the weed shorts right? is it pointless to wear heavy armour when battling a T-Rex? Is it truly better to go into battle naked wielding dual swords? Or was the bro in the backwards cap correct? Should you go for a double-handed sword and iron armour? Will light bouncing off the armour really confuse and blind the beast? Realistically what protection is armour against a dinosaur? Was Weed Shorts right when he proposed to use his superior agility to slash its tendons and stab the eyes when he brought it down? Or was Backwards Cap right when he said charge and slash open its sot belly?? What is the truth??17? excessively-english-little-b Hello palaeontologist-in-training herel Thought I'd have a litte think into this because hey who wants to do coursework on trilobites when you could be considering T rex instead? Light and maneuverable is probably best when facing a rex It's big and t's powerful but it's not going to making any quick sharp tums any time soon According to our current estimates a T rex would be able to crush a small car with its jaws so realistically no amount of armour is gonna protect you if it grabs you If the T rex manages to grab you you re dead regardless It could probably eat you within a couple of bites if it was trying Figures 1 & 2 Theoretical T rex bite-force model fucking up a mini Thank you Bill Oddie and BBC's The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs As far as armour goes lighter is better and at the end of the day isn't going to mean shit anyway T rex can't slash at you with claws so it's bite or bust and if it bites YOU'RE bust So lets say a point to Weed Shorts Why NOT fight a T rex butt naked with swords T rex had good binocular vision Dont believe Jurassic Park's lies-T rex was a hunter and could probably see you brilliantly whether you moved or not That said a T rex's eyesight will work about the same as modem birds of prey Think hawk or eagle I reckon light bouncing off anything would be a fairly minor hindrance or at least wouldn't affect it any more than any other hunting bird So using light to blind and confuse the rex? May potentially work but might be hard and wouldn't do much for long Don't rely on this for strategy τ rex actually had gastralia sometimes called 'belly-ribs protected and supported the internal organs There would also be some seriously thick abdominal muscles to get through Unless you're planning to do some precision stabbing with a very long sword chances are you're not gonna be killing a rex by slicing open it's stomach Also being under its stomach is gonna put you in-reach of the Jaws of Death These I'm not sure how easy it would be or how well it would work to try and cut a T rex's tendons Theoretically sounds like it should work However you're gonna need a lot of strength to get through them probably I'd personally cut the throat rather than stab through the eyes once the rex is down but that's probably personal preference Once you've felled it it's dead either wayl A T rex unable to hunt is a dead T rex Gastralia Figure 3 The gastralia of a T rex Bless u Scott Hartman for your skeletal As far as attack goes the belly is not as weak a s pot as it seems So point to Weed Shorts on his execution plan Sounds pretty solid Overall I'd say that Weed Shorts had the best plan to defeat the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex If you ever see him again congratulate him on his solid plan of attack My favorite thing about paleontologists and any scientist really but paleontologists in particular is that you can ask them COMPLETELY BATSHIT INSANE questions and by God they will give you a completely Serious answer Source penfairy move it #trex #dinosaurs #go for the throat is how wolverine did it #science side of tumblr So you need to sword fight a T rex Meme

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