People asked me why I haven't watched Game of Thrones They don't shy away from political intrígue rape and murder It's a really engaging and realístic seríes! You have to check ít out! I normally tell them Nah I'm too ínvolved in Steven Uníverse right now But to be honest rape murder and polítical intrigue has always been a part of my lífe sínce 1997 Good morning this is today's news SCANDAL OMING ANTI CHINESE MAYORAL UP! ENIMENNEW RING DID HEGIRL MAXRAL CANDIDACONIS SEX REALLY INSULT US ?! URDERAPED YAEURICA RAPED THE EONOMY JTHE WORST S0MBINE QLICE WE ARE THE CRYSTAL GEM I'm reminded of And so whenever Steven comes on The good qualíties that humanity has And I don't think it's any less realístíc than all the bad stuff that happens in lífe In an uncertain and 2 2 worrying times greaaat ANOTHER RIOT? НАУВЕ I'd rather be remínded that we too can change we too want to understand each other So thank you CN Rebecca Sugar and the Crewníverse for making this world slightly brighter lindbloem Wow this comic is once more relevant due to the New movie and GoT being what it isThank you @crewniverse Meme

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