Apparently, Ass, and Christmas: People Want to Fuck the Grinch
 The next hot millennial trend is, apparently,
 wanting to perform anilingus on the furry green
 man-beast who stole Christmas.
 Top ramen
 The grinch is hot
 golden gal
 luv me a thicc grinch
 stop being cowards and admit you want to
 fuck the grinch
 mery christmas i want the grinch to eat my
 Still of the Grech, via Urvv
 sai Petres, screengrabs via Twitt
 It's long been established that the internet loves daydreaming about fucking
 human-ish evildoers like Venom and Pennywise, the clown from IT Since it's
 the holidays, the horny online masses are taking a break from supernatural
 murderers and instead fixating on the furry green ass cheeks of the Grinch.
Why, just why?

Why, just why?