Perfect Amazon review doesn't exi-- Annn FITS PERFECTLY ON ON MY SIDEWALK! By Amazon Customer on January 7 2017 This speaker fits perfectly on my sidewalk because I sold my house to buy these Whoa Baby By December 18 2015 I bought these to put in our newborn's nursery We've been playing classical music because it is suppose to stimulate brain functionality It seems to work stupendously The child is only 8 weeks old and has told me that I'm a freaking moron for buying them Micloading product name By O EVIEWER on February 16 2016 I was quite despondent to see them shipped in simple wooden and cardboard boxes as if these were being sent to peasants They should have been packed in hand stained mahogany shipping containers and wrapped tightly in baby panda fur for softness I sold my house to buy these Meme

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