Peridot reporting in Which pertdot? LI Facet-2FSL Cut-5XG gearholdes That was no simple slip-up You don't just make a mistake like that not after having to identily yourself like that for the better part of your life You actually see her being taken aback by Yellow Diamond's response She's caught off guard disappointed She'd forgotten that just Peridor wasn't enough to tell her apart She'd become used to the idea of being unique When do you think that happened? When did she stop seeing herself as Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG and start being Peridot with a capital P? Wasit after being stranded due to the lack of contact with another peridot for months on end? Or was it after the truce with the Crystal Gems brought on by thern addressing her as just Peridot day after day? Facet-2F5L Cu-5XG That's all she'll ever be to Homeworld That's all all the other peridots will ever be But on Earth she is Peridot The one and only In a way that's gotta be liberating You got all this from one episode? It s subtext dont u test me m8 i know how to make gfs this is beautiful from uJLRedPrimes on reddit Meme

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