PERIOD 5 1844-1877 ST KEY TERMS Using your reading and course notes make sure you terms below Vocabulary forthis Annexation ofTexas - ^'以 Ostend Manifesto Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo Free Soil Party Freeport Doctrine Manifest Destiny Wilmot Proviso Gadsden Purchase Popular Sovereig Kansas-Nebraska e Crittenden Compromise Border States Battle of Vicksb Emancipation P Battle of Schrute Farms Wade-Davis B Black Codes Homestead Act e Compromise o Pacific Railwa Panic of 1879 Sharecroppi Boss Tweed Tenure of Office Act Focus questions you should feel c How did the annexation of western territ deeper divisions between the North and What was the Dred Scott decision? Wha Ch L What What was the issue at stake in Bleedi growing sectional division between N Focus questions you should f onfederate governme Meme

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