Personnol Rocket Relief Ship Throe-Stago Porsonnel Rockot Instrument Carrying Satellite Third Stage Unit Colony Sphero Threo-Stage Rocket Spaco Station Flying Saucer US X-15 Research Ship Space Reconnaissance Ship Exploration Ship Weather Eyo Satellito Fourth Stage Passenger Uni Space Suit and Anti Obsorvatory Satelit Space Reconnaissanco and 3-Stage Propellant Exploration Ship Present and Planned Satellite Gear Is Really Out of This World US Space FHardware- By FRED DICKENSON swiFTLY are we hurting into the space age that farout designs blend together for us In trying to keep up artist's view of some US orblting hardware both present and contemplated It ranges from the bullet-llke Alr Force X-15 center which has made many successful fights to space accomplished fact drawing board projeets and even station upper right still on the draftsman's board Many Instrument-carrylng satellites such as that shown with sclence One down to earth aspeet however is that man at the upper right already are in orblt of course And whlle made articles In space no matter how fantastle are known he ant gravitational unlt lower let and space recon by the prosale name of hardware Here may be seen an nalssance ship above It are not yet part of our equipment few scifiseries 1963 ‘US Space Hardware - Today and Tomorrow’ New York Mirror Magazine Meme

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