PERSPECTIVE Asia 749% 11 Africa 164% Straws Rest of the world 81% US 06% THE US IS RESPONSIBLE FOR JUST 06% OF PLASTIC WASTE IN THE OCEAN AND STRAWS MAKE UP JUST 002% OF PLASTIC WASTE IN THE US Unbiased America THE NEXT TIME SOMEONE SHAMES YOU FOR USING A PLASTIC STRAW SHOW THEM THIS By Kevin Ryan More and more restaurants in America are banning straws They were targeted after a 2015 video of a straw lodged in a sea turtle’s nose went viral and brought attention to the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans But straws in America are not the problem 9 million tons of plastic that are estimated to enter the ocean each year some of which breaks down into micro-plastics and leech into the stomachs and flesh of sea creatures Just 06% of that comes from America And straws account for just 002% of American plastic waste Meaning US straws account for 000012% of the problem The real culprit behind the plastic that’s poisoning ocean wildlife is uncollected litter and ocean dumping by poorer coastal countries that lack developed waste management systems So next time you reach for a straw and someone tells you that you’re responsible for the problem of plastic in the ocean you can tell them that they’re 9999988% wrong SOURCES httpsciencesciencemagorgcontent3476223768 httpsreasoncomblog20180712starbucks-straw-ban-will-see-the-company httpsphysorgnews2018-04-science-amount-straws-plastic-pollutionhtml httpswwwbloombergcomviewarticles2018-06-07plastic-straws-aren-t-the-problem httpswwwwsjcomarticleswhich-countries-create-the-most-ocean-trash-1423767676 Meme

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