PET POISON 0 CONTROL CHART Most Common Causes of Pet Poisoning Human Medications Plants Household Chemicals Human Food Blood pressure pits e Heart medeication 5ago Palms ·Cleansers Cortee Castor Beans Poinsettia Fre log Rat polson Anti-freeze Chocoae Bakers chocolate Sugar-tree candy & gum Grapes&raisins Oplates & pain meds อ chocelate NSAID Azale3 - Fertilzens Tricycac antidepressantsAmaryus Mothbat Paint thinner Bleach Mushrooms - Yeast dough Raw meat Raw egg Bone Metty phenidatse Oleander Tulp butbs Atumn Crocus e Batteries vitamin Gartic Birth conrol pt Sleep ailds English Ny Peace Lity De-icing salt Liquid potpourri Fabric sotener Glow jewery Milk Dairy produces Fatty toods Fat scraps - Avocados e Codeine Schemera Melatonin Buproplon Plants Household Chemicals Human Food EARLY SIGNS OF POISONING Voeniting ·Diarrhea Drooking Depression e LethargY Loss of apporite e Inability to urinate Nosebleeds BReeding gums e BEack or bloody stoob Selzures BE PREPARED GET HELP! Call for help IMMEDIATELY if you suspect your pet has been poisoned! Keep Hydrogen Peroxide and Activated Charcoal on hand in case of poisoning Call your vet or the ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center at 800-548-2423 PET POISON HELPLINE ANIMAL POISON CONTROL 800-213-6680 888-426-4435 Keep your pets safe! Meme

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