PETA @peta 3h Words matter and as our understanding of social justice evolves our language evolves along with it Here's how to remove speciesism from your daily conversations PCTA Stop Using Anti-Animal Language Instead of Say Kill two birds with one stone Feed two birds with one scone Be the guinea pig Be the test tube Beat a dead horse Feed a fed horse Bring home the bagels Bring home the bacon Take the bull by the horns Take the flower by the thorns Jimmy's Famous Seafood @JimmysSeafood Follow Replying to Opeta Ooh this is fun! Can we play? o onotend of saying PETA has killed over 36000 animals Say PETA has not euthanized 40000 animals yet Instead of saying PETA steals pets from homes Say my bad Did we do that right? The Guardian Peta says sorry for taking girls pet chihuahua and putting it down Animal rights group pays family $49000 to settle lawsuit after it seized dog called Maya which belonged to nine-year-old theguardiancom 659 PM-4 Dec 2018 482 Retweets 2605 Likes ●變? ⑧ ⓜeč 041 ta 482 26K timetravelingshark ralfmaximus kahavave Jimmys Seafood and PETA ironically have beef Scorched Earth Meme

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