@petewentz @petewentz Huge thanks to Disney for designing the entire marvel universe ultimatee crossover film to come out on @PatrickStump bday Little over the top but solid gift Happy bday buddy 51 am-27 Apr 18 happy birthday @patrickstump you rad lil man 217 pm-27 Apr 2011 happy birthday to my favorite dude @patricki_hate_it_when _you_guys_even talk about twitter ur a great dude not enough ppl know how great 518 pm 27 Apr 09 Happy birthday @PatrickStump thanks for being the guy 1038 pm-27 Apr 2017 LAWFUL GOOD NEUTRAL GOOD CHAOTIC GOOD @petewentz @petewentz @petewentz If personal pan pizza came in the form of human beings- make mine a Patrick stump every time Happy birthday dude 837 AM Apr 28 2015 Twitter for iPhone happy birthday to the kid with the voice @PatrickStump 252 pm 27 Apr 13 happy birthday patrick 315 pm - 27 Apr 2010 LAWFUL NEUTRAL TRUE NEUTRAL CHAOTIC NEUTRAL pw @petewentz @petewentz @petewentz Happy birthday Patrick hopefully someone prints this out and faxes it to you so you actually read it 719 am 28 Apr 16 Happy birthday @PatrickStump thanks for letting me torture you on a daily basis for a decade plus 844 pm 27 Apr 14 happy birthday patrick still glad i lost my virginity to you 410 pm 27 Apr 12 LAWFUL EVIL NEUTRAL EVIL CHAOTIC EVIL Meme

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