Phillips Rodriguez 3 hrs Today Keanu Reeves pulled up at my place of work so we started talking then I mentioned that my son needed a Kidney Transplant surgery and I couldn't afford it at that moment he stood silent for a few minutes then went to his car and came back and gave me this envelope full of money ladyshinga voidbat cipheramnesia vermouthea yttriumrapier Look I have no doubt in my mind that Keanu Reeves is this generous to complete strangers This pattern of behavior has been well established But why does he carry envelopes chock full of cash? Is that how he’s paid? look don’t be asking questions you’re not ready for the answer to He’s a fae They just have whatever money they need probably the reason he stood there silent for a few minutes was because he was manifesting the cash also because he was tasting all the guy’s words for lies He was also checking to make sure the currency was you know current He still keeps some mementos from the olden days Meme

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