Philosophies of Matter l-respected and very influential philoso helieve that empty space could exis Ot ocial media today the argument was w hocritus's ideas in large part because he did pher Aristotle he t Like many disagreements 221 In fact Aristotle' l of the existence of atoms persisted for 2000 years won partly by popularity Figure s influence was so great that his of Figure 221 If Democrit Democritus shareTreply and Aristotle had been able to use social media thousands of years ago their posts might have tter is composed of small particles in empty space articles are solid indestructible and indivisible nt types of particles have different shapes and sizes cteristics of the particles determine the properties of matter The p looked like this Aristotle Come on Empty space?! Impossible Aristotle sharereply 1 1343987 Empty space cannot exist Matter is made of earth air fire and water fire air L Plato You tell him sharereply earth water Atomic Theory Begins Over the centuries people in different countries read about the idea of atomos and many including some scientists agreed with it However it was not until the early 1800s in England that the atomos idea reappeared with the support of experimental results and analysis John Dalton 1766-1844 shown in Figure 222 was a schoolteacher and scholar Unlike Democritus he was able to conduct controlled scientific experiments He could do this hecause the gonral methods of scientific inauiry had already This is in my science textbook Meme

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