Photo Grid It's transformationtuesday and I haven't done a post of my updated transformation in a while I am almost a year from these pictures The bottom two where taking on Sunday Now the reason why I haven't posted my transformation or taken pictures consistently is because my body is not really changing I am maintaining this look with the only change being in my shoulders I really want to focus more on the booty and put some more definition in it I have an idea on how I am going to go about it and am excited for this upcoming challenge I actually think it's going to be more doable at home verse the gym so I am excited to share my success or failure in this Transforming your body is not just a physical thing it is mental You have to set your mind right This is what I teach my clients and this is what I share with you Your body has genetics and sometimes you can't grow more then someone else but with that being said you can shape your body to look like you grew it It's not about the scale it's about the mirror It's not about eating boring diets it's about balance and nutrition It's not about lifting heavy all the time or light You just need to know what will work for you at the time and why 💕 Remember change your thinking and you can change your life Vargas💋 @christinavargas Follow @great_weightloss_inspirations for inspiring stories tips humor and a possible feature💞 Tag someone share and motivate! Meme

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