Photo Lab 2 Edit Thank you for the gold I am glad others have morbid curiosities like me permalink save report give gold reply tChronicxCough 6555 points 2 months ago In 1874 Mary Rafferty an Irish servant woman came to Dr Roberts Bartholow of the Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati for treatment of her cancer Seeing a research opportunity he cut open her head and inserted needle electrodes into her exposed brain matter11 He described the experiment as follows When the needle entered the brain substance she complained of acute pain in the neck In order to develop more decided reactions the strength of the current was increased her countenance exhibited great distress and she began to cry Very soon the left hand was extended as if in the act of taking hold of some object in front of her the arm presently was agitated with clonic spasm her eyes became fixed with pupils widely dilated lips were blue and she frothed at the mouth her breathing became stertorous she lost consciousness and was violently convulsed on the left side The convulsion lasted five minutes and was succeeded by a coma She returned to consciousness in twenty minutes from the beginning of the attack and complained of some weakness and vertigo Dr Bartholow's research report11 What the actual fuck permalink save parent report give gold reply 4836 noints 2 months ago Neat- Dr Bartholow permalink save parent report give gold reply Meme

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