Pick the month and date you were born then pick the colour of your shirt May- I wrestled Sept- l got naked with Jan I ate Feb- kissed June I beat Oct wanted Mar- l tickled July- I made out with Nov- shot April- I licked Aug-l tripped over Dec I cuddled with 21- my best friend 1- my lover 11- Trojan man 22- a bowl of cereal 2- a hotdog 12- a teletubby 13- Cookie Monster 23- a golf ball 3- a toothbrush 24- a bowl of french fries 14- an easter egg 4- Aristotle 5- a glass of vodka 15- a candied yam 25- Ronald Mcdonald 6- Luke Bryan 16- a stripper 26- a mop 27- my professor 7- Kermit the Frog 17- a policeman 18- a volleyba 28- the toilet 8- a guitar 9- some mayonnaise 19- Scott Eastwood 29- a landmine 10- Burt Reynolds 20- lunatic 30- Channing Tatum White- because a clown stole my taco Green- because my cat is an asshole Black- because I'm sexy as fuck Orange- because I licked a toad Pink- because I'm awesome in bed Turquoise- because I'm a total pimp Blue- because the voices in my head said s Red- because my boobs are amazing Brown- because Freud told me to No Shirt- because of these sweet abs Polka Dots- because I have high self-esteem Yellow- because I had one too many drinks Purple- because needed to pee Tan- because am pure class Other because I haven't slept in days Gray- because I love bacon We are aware that the 31st was left off of this If the 31st is your birthdate use an Italian ice 31st = an Italian ice Sorry about that folks Glad you all are enjoying this one Meme

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