PLAN B ROCKS GLASGOW! I just saw this footage from Insane Championship Wrestling and even though I KNEW who would be appearing I STILL got chills! When I accepted the job as WWE Raw GM it was with the understanding that I had to make my booking on November 20th in #GLASGOW If I had just told ICW owner Mark Dallas in July that I was the new GM and couldn't make the show he would have understood and would have wished me well But man I REALLY wanted to be part of #FearAndLoathing in Glasgow! The energy at the previous year's show was so amazing - and knowing that the company would be running the #HYDRO I didn't want to let anyone down However as it became more and more clear that Survivor Series was shaping up to be a #Raw vs #SmackdownLIVE pay-per-view and that the Raw GM really needed to be there I was left with the difficult task of breaking the news to ICW owner Mark Dallas That's the bad news The good news actually the GREAT news is that Mark could not have been more understanding and that #WWE went out of their way to make sure that the company was not left hanging on the biggest night of the year I will go out on a limb here and say that in this case Plan B is actually better than Plan A The announcement of Finn Balor making his return to ICW Fear & Loathing IX resulted in one of those chill-inducing pops Everyone is going to come out a winner in this case ICW fans are happy Mark is happy WWE is happy And Finn is THRILLED to be returning home to ICW for the night Having the chance to exchange messages with Finn and feel how excited he was to be coming back got me excited in return Plus I'll even have a chance to appear as ICW Commissioner via satellite from Toronto I am so grateful to Mark Dallas ICW Finn Balor and WWE for making this happen I'm happy about it Really really happy! Tickets for this historic event can be purchased at httpwwwticketmastercouk Meme

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