Plan X edit On 8 October 1989 Mielke and Honecker ordered the Stasi to implement Plan X the SED's plan to arrest and indefinitely detain 85939 East Germans during a state of emergency According to John Koehler Plan X had been in preparation since 1979 and was a carbon copy of how the Nazi concentration camps got their start after Hitler came to power in 1933107 By 1984 23 sites had been selected for isolation and internment camps Those who were to be imprisoned in them ran into six categories including anyone who had ever been under surveillance for anti-state activities including all members of peace movements which were not under Stasi control 108 According to Anna Funder The plans contained exact provisions for the use of all available prisons and camps and when those were full for the conversion of other buildings Nazi detention centers schools hospitals and factory holiday hostels Every detail was foreseen from where the doorbell was camps109 located on the house of each person to be arrested to the adequate supply of barbed wire and the rules of dress and etiquette in the Meme

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