PlayStation 2 Anonymous 043018Mon170240 No767306557 >767306663 >be 14 WELCOMES THEME PAR 8th grade >haven't figured out how to talk to girls yet >cute brunette girl sits in front of me in homeroom >teach is passing out papers for some school event >giving them to the kids sitting in the front so they can pass the papers back >love of my life is going to have to look at me when she hands me a THRILIVLLE раper >thisismychancepng >thinking of something to say to her >nothing >played thrillville on PS2 all year long >flirted with at least 500 girls in that game >decide to use some thrillville character dialogue to make my move >she passes me a paper >looks me in the eyes I want to be you're teardrop Born in your eyes live on your cheek and die on your lips >she looks confused >2ndattemptjpg All them curves and me with no breaks >I wink at her so she gets the message >it's ineffective >teacher saw the whole thing go down Anon we're not running a dating service here >class laughs at me >Bell rings >go home and play Thrillville Any failed flirting attempt stories boys? Anon likes Thrillville Meme

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