Please don't do this to your fur babies This is what the other side of de-clawing a cat looks like You literally cut the tips of their toes off They will never walk correctly They will inevitably get arthritis as a result It hurts They don't understand what happened to them If you don't like claws don't own a damn cat cryptidsp00n cottoncandycan therevenantrising cisnowflake artemuscain-gamingandbs constable-nugget xprmnt626 socialjusticeichigo veterinaryrambles babyanimalgifs THIS IS IMPORTANT This message is veterinarian-approved!!! In case it isn’t clear that is literally the last bone of a cat’s toes attached to those claws If you thought only the claw was being removed during declaw surgery you are unfortunately mistaken It’s an amputation Get claw caps instead! They stay on pretty well and your cat can walk around normally You can take them off whenever you want This is great for house cats They don’t need their claws for defense but they need them to walk the way we need toes This keeps them from scratching you or furniture and keeps them happy and healthy It’s a win for everyone Plus your cat will look like it got a kitty manicure Reblogging again for the last comment for anyone who wants to argue about saving their precious furniture Boom! Problem solved I regularly trim my cat’s claws because I love him They’re super cheap too! Not really a cat person but this is still important PLS DONT REMOVE UR CATS TOE BONES !!! Meme

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