PLEASE DON'T LET MY FEET GET BURNED! OUCH! Be mindp on hot days can feel like a FIERY BED OF COALS ulk To a dog's paws HOT ASPHALT TIPS TO CARE FOR YOUR DOG'S PAWS 7-slecond RulePlaco the back of your hand on the surface for 7 seconds TOO HOT FOR YOU? TOO HOT FOR YOUR DOG! boat docks beach sand leather seats car and truck surfaces etc on grass or shade Leenaidelate is your dog refusing to sit or lay down when you ask? The hot ground might be causing him discomfort especially in SENSITIVE AREAS SiT! 丨 仏e auetowel for your dog to sit or while loading your car on a hot day MYTH FACT Dogs cool themselves through their paws and mouth Booties trap the heat in DON'T DO IT BOOTIES are great solutions to walking on hot surfaces SIGNS OF BURNED PAWS LIMPING REFUSAL to WALK DARKENED SKIN LICKING I CHEWING Do your part KEEP PUPPY PAWS SAFE FROM HEAT! TEXAS VTERENARY MENCAL FOUNDATION Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation Meme

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