Plebposter Just now- I return for you my Zucc i actually hate you With tongue in the usb port im licking on your big gigabyte the sloppiest unsafe removal you've ever had opens > Types in what are healthy ways to overcome heartbreak and loss google search gives error prompting your life has been unpublished as your page goes against our community guidelines and standards >I ascend from my chair off the push of my new found pink socked asshole after the mortal coiling i had just received > 8 kylegrams 64 monster palms >I obliterate all drywall and floorboards from the apartments complex turning the 20 level building into a jenga match of furniture for the colossal fuck off land lords In the mist of dust and debris my heated eyes fall tears of a ghetto Niagara new tab Falls >The tears hot steaming compressing the stratosphere NOOO00000 > The scream of pain pushes the storm clouds into rotation > Zuccs image spawns among the sky YOUR REIGN OF POSTING GOES NO FURTHER PLEBPOSTER >Pirates of the Caribbean theme begins to play* >A force ghost of jack sparrow speaks to me you've got to keep posting me boy! Never give up! >pulls out phone and creates new epiczuccvsplebposterstandoffjpeg plebposter I've been zucced and I need your help Meme

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