plus other people do it and are fine X removedditcom did stupid things I get it All I ask is why wouldn't that next time she? I watched my daughter die infront of me you're about to do something stupid think about your After begging I reluctantly let her The climb up to Serious selfteenagers mother Pass up on the jump was slippery from a sub by 10 that one thing you know is risky previous rain and just before she got Because the fact I'm not a teenager to the top I watched her slip fall and land on but my daughter that knowing I will was She was 17 never be able to Smart Funny tell my daughter I love her again is the worst feeling rocks Beautiful Perfect I am unable to She was my describe the daughter in the world feeling I had I I'm gonna keep watched it in slow 265 this short and motion and I can't get the memory out of my head Everything in my body suddenly felt like nothing but comments reddit ceddit simple considering I balled my eyes 6 days ago huh? Where we're you? Because you can scour the Internet and nothing about a 17 year old girl called marie falling off a cliff is anywhere Since its been 6 days out would be out writing the title This happened about a week ago pure worrisome I sprinted faster I have never felt so empty than humanly reported on in the local news so I am just asking where you where because this is so sketchy that it feels painfully fake especially after all the recent posts proven fake about similar events It's just to fucking coincidental possible to her worthless or disgusting in my she didn't have a pulse and her back was obviously entire life broken I called an Me and my daughter went on ambulance and began trying to a nice little get a response excursion as we from her a good usually do before Samaritan tried school let's back her best efforts in we went to a Where it happened was none of your business Last thing I want is someone else hurting themselves If you don't believe me that's fine A stranger believing me is the last of my concerns right now too but the local waterfall ambulance arrived where people with no help and usually cliff jump she was from a 20-30 foot pronounced dead cliff I didn't plan I'm posting this here just letting on doing this nor did I expect her to I expected we you teenagers know you aren't What? How would telling me hurt someone else? I'm asking because I've looked through your comment history and it's just so unbelievable that I simply cannot believe it would hike around invincible I was a teenager once I did stupid things I it relax and enjoy the nature get it All I ask is She kept begging me to jump off and we'll I thought shes 17 she can make her Own decisions Parent lied about their daughter dying to gain karma Details in comments Meme

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