points 4 hours ago CHRISTORY MONTH CRINGETOPIA! The Single Mom at 17 permalink embed save report reply Discord Server points 5 hours ago I want a be your baby momma pose Telegram Channel Minecraft 13420974172 permalink embnd save report reply points 5 hours ago Getting ready for drug court! Rules and Regulations Reddit Global Rules Content Restrictions permalink embed save report reply 1 Politics Political posts must be current Do not post any news snippetsarticlesmemes Do not post about policy allegations or hearsay If your post is political in nature it must include an individual or group actually behaving in a cringeworthy manner point 5 hours ago The Basic Bitch v317 11 Agendaposting If it becomes clear that your activity in this subreddit is dominated by fixating on a single issue you will be confronted and you may be banned It is okay to have strong opinions on an issue but do not let them dominate your activity to the point where you are flooding the sub trying to push an agenda This is an equal opportunity rule 12 Be Civil If you want to discuss politics or controversialtaboo topics in the comments you are free to do so as long as you can keep it civil Your ideas will not get you banned but the manner in which you choose to express them permalink embed ave report reply point 4 hours ago The Stinkbug permalink embed save report reply point 5 hours ago can and will Right or left though? 2 Explicit Racism and Bigotry Refrain from making comments that are explicitly racist or bigoted This is not a platform to proselytize race or gender politics Intent matters here insofar as we are able to judge it so try to keep your jokes and satire light and in moderately good humor 3 Don't Spam Posts Spread your posts out Don't post more than 4-5 things within a 6 hour period Put some thought into your posts instead of just dumping an entire imgur album on us pemalink embed ve report reply point 5 hours ago It's Hard to say one on right duck facing so fucking hard kinda makes e res ya wana say neither 1 Doxing Remove all personal information from your posts and comments Please remember to block out usernames in your submissions permalink embed save parent report reply 2 Harassment Don't target individual users Don't harass anyone who may be the subject of a post 2 points 5 hours ago 3 Brigading Do not invade or brigade other subreddits Do not suggest a brigade or participate in one We will catch you Dat ass on the right tho 4 Witch Hunts Witch hunts of any kind are strictly prohibited 5 Violence Do not glorify encourage or incite permalink embed save parent report reply violence point 3 hours ago This I cannot disagree with Might have to be a pillow stuffer Friends of Cringetopia Itlyiffinhell Itmasterforgiveme Itwhiteknighting Itwholesomecringe Dirty cringetopians Meme

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