** pol - Women Whores - Politica x O You're Bad at Social Media! #68 A Not secure -> boards4chanorgpolthread235717836women-whores diy fa fit gd hc his int jp lit mlp mu n news out po pol qst sci soc sp tg toy Settings Search Mobile Home a bcdefg gif h hr kmoprstuv vg vr trv tv vp wsg wsr x Edit w wg i ic r9k s4s vip qa cm hm Igbt y aco adv an asp bant biz cgl ck 3 co >bump pol - Politically Incorrect Post a Reply 050417 New trial board added bant - IntemationalRandom 100416 New board for 4chan Pass users vip - Very Important Posts 062016 New 4chan Banner Contest with a chance to win a 4chan Pass! See the contest page for details Hide Show All 11392 Return Catalog Bottom Update O Auto 2 new posts File SApng 4 KB 270x200 O Women Whores Manwhore !luk9XvadPAH ID aqK3NDV8 E 121019Tue010415 No235717836 > >235718491 Alright pol I've wanted to do a thread on this awhile because whenever I see threads about how all women are whores etc I'm disgusted with them but simultaneously I'm someone who's contributing I'm a younger guy in my mid 20s who make great money with 2 small businesses I got into them at a really young age and worked really hard now I'm basically a whore magnet Some have just wanted to fuck me and sleep with me I guess because they know I do well for myself and they're looking for me to support them somehow with vacations life perks maybe nice dinners out or whatever Not pregnancy I got a reversible vasectomy to make sure that never happened But more of them I've just found it simpler to pay for the sex through a SBSD arrangement than it is to deal with new girlsdatingwhatever the fuck you want to call it I'm on SeekingArrangement and l've probably slept with 40-50 girls total in my life 90% of them were through SA You can sort by hair color ethnicity age body type it's literally shopping for the ideal fuck and all the girls on there are complicit SeekingArrangement So many of them have profiles that say not looking for sex or something to that affect but as soon as you get into messagingtexting them a bit it's always just about how much you're paying The biggest aspect to this cognitive dissonance is whenever I'm on the site browsing I feel a sense of disgust for many of the women on there Their tattoos are distasteful you can tell they've had too much plastic surgery you can tell which ones have taken miles of cock and which ones are 'fresher meat on the site you can tell who has lots of daddy issues you have plenty who are hitting that wall and they know it everything's there Manwhore !luk9XvadPAH ID aqK3NDV8 E 121019Tue010602 No235717938 > >>235718240 >>235718491 File meganjpg 769 KB 3000x2250 I feel the disgust but also continue to message them take them to dinners buy them drinks and fuck them It's the most fucked up cognitive dissonance I've ever had about any topic in my life The sex is great I ride them like cheap mules and do whatever fucked up sexual shit I want to do and they love every minute of it or so it seems idk Just didn't have anywhere else to ventrantcomplain about this shit women are whores I know it as a truth in my heart yet I keep fucking them and it's a cycle of self loathing and frustration at how they are but then I realize the one perpetuating it and making it a problem >> Anonymous ID ÞPELLQD9 E 121019Tue011042 No235718175 > >>235718434 Kys OP 121 AM O Type here to search 12102019 This man is a legend Meme

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