Polygon Following @Polygon Nintendo confirms that Toad is not wearing a hat That's his head polygoncom20182516974 1003 AM - 5 Feb 2018 4028 Retweets 8611 Likes yellingplant bleeding-salamander yellingplant busket rezpiral yellingplant so uh Hey this is the scariest thing I’ve seen thanks yall act like you’ve never seen a mushroom before inside toad’s head is an hollow cavern circling his face which contains those gills the light brown ribbed things when he gets old his head will open up and flare out like a sombrero and release the spores held in the gills on the underside of the cap and then he’ll die toads in various stages of life IM REALLY NOT SURE IF THIS IS ANY BETTER I reblogged this a few days ago but I woke up in a cold sweat to draw this OH NO So uh anyone want to tell tumblr about Plants vs Zombies?Have at it Meme

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