POOTM POOPOOPAPER TM RECYCLED & ODORLESS PAPER PRODUCTS MADE FROM ELEPHANT POO! With all the concern these days about deforestation and the need to recycle our products are a fantastic example of sustainability and responsible consumption We take a material in abundance ELEPHANT PO0 and make functional and completely useful paper products all the whie sparing lots of trees in the process That's right Here's the scoop ELEPHANTS eat lots of grass everyday and they poo almost as much Since their digestive systems don't really break down the grass all that well their poo has plenty of fiber Seeing as though grass is fiber and fiber is the base material used in making pulp for paper weil we figured ELEPHANT POO would be a great alternative fiber source for making our paper products! POOPOOPAPERTM-how incredibly fun memorable and sustainable!!! BROWN GREEN IS THE NEW 300003 NOTEPAD MADE TM TWO BUNS UP WITH POO $999 COPYRIGHT 2006-2011 ALTERNATIVE PULP & PAPER COM EMAIL US INFO@POOPOOPAPERCOM MADE IN THAILAND REAL MADE Designed for from and by crap Meme

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