Pop Crave @PopCrave Following YouTube's new restricted mode prevents viewers from seeing any LGBTl+ content on the platform You u Tube #ProudToLov YouTube Creators @YTCreators Creators A message to our communit We are so proud to represent LGBTQ+ voices on our platform--they're a key part of what YouTube is all about The intention of Restricted Mode is to filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience LGBTQ+ videos are available in Restricted Mode but videos that discuss more sensitive issues may not be We regret any confusion this has caused and are looking into your concerns We appreciate your feedback and passion for making YouTube such an inclusive diverse and vibrant community 31917 801 PM GAY flag and me petting my cat to see if youtube blocks this 4 views Share Add to Abby 5 subscribers ySUBSCRIBE This video is unavailable with Restricted Mode enabled To view this video you will need to disable Restricted Mode There was a problem with the network 400 RETRY yorkiepug thetrippytrip where is the mode where i don’t have to see any straight people then @sussexbound Meme

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