Posted by17 hours ago Banned rtodayilearned for defending law enforcement officials Got banned today on rtodayilearned after defending law enforcement officials where somebody cheered along witlh hundreds of upvotes a case of some prisons starting a riot and burning one alive Would post a link but it's already been deleted and I don't feel like screenshoting it just mentioning it TIL that during a prisoner revolt at Auschwitz in 1944 an SS guard was burned alive by prisoners in a crematorium oven Learning enwikipediaorg 900 131 t Share Award 141 Comments → Share Save O Give Award BEST COMMENTS ▼ 449 points 17 hours ago Good on them for fighting back Reply 224 You were defending an SS officer who was killed at Auschwitz by the Jewish prisoners he had taken part on brutalizing s a Nazi sympathizer who is too cowardly to own up to what he is It's too bad those prisoners only got to Yep Nothing of value was lost burn one Reply Share Report Save Give Award 25m Yep let's celebrate criminals for burning law enforcement alive 183 points 15 hours ago Another fine example of a POS claiming to be the victim of an unjust banning Love when these pop up Reply Share Report Save Give Award 21m criminals? O Vote 19m By the law of the land at the time yes just as the guards were legitimate law enforcement officials Regardless whether you think the law was just or not that doesn't change the fact of what it was and it's assault on law and order Vote Meme

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