POT MARIGOLD CLEMATIS FORSYTHIA SWEET SCABIOU ENGLISH DAISY FORGET-ME-NOT POLYANTHUS PHLOX LILY OF THE VALLE BLACK-EYED SUSAN EUROPE CHRYSANTHEMUM CHINA ASTER BLEEDING HEART CANADA ANEMONE CLARKIAMty NORTH AMERICA MEDITERRANEAN TURKEY FLAME AZALEA JAPANESE WISTERIA CHINA HYACINTH IRAN GRAPE H ABELIA TIGERFL SWEFT STAR-C MEXICO ORIENTAL POPPY KURUME AZALEA POKER PLANT BIRD-OF-PARADISE FLOWER EAST INDIAN LOTUS SCARLET SAGE SOUTHEAS ASI GERBERA NASTURTIUM HIBISCUS CASTOR-CIL PLANT FREESIA BOTTLE BRUSH ROYAL POINCIANA The World of Flowers AUSTRALIA PELARGONIUM MBLAZONED WITH BEAUTY this floral map SOUTH AMERICA FLOWER shows the origins of 117 of man's favorite AFRICAN VIOLET flowers As people began to move from one part of the world to another they carried plants with them Explorers conquerors and adventurers returned teo their homelands with flowers from far off places Colonists carried seeds and bulbs to the New World Some have done so well in their adopted regions that their beginnings are seldom remembered Holland's CYPRESS tulip is a native of Turkey the French marigold arrived in Europe with the return of the conquista- dors from Mexico To trace these blossoms to their source GEOCRAPHIC artist Ned Seider consulted Dr Mildred E Mathias Professor of Botany at the University of California at Los Angeles SWAN RIVER DAISY CROWN OF THORN BLUE LACEFLOWER VICTORIA wATERLİLY nachtlichter mapsontheweb The World of Flowers 1968 This map was published in 1968 by National Geographic It shows a representative sample of native flowers across the World @ipgirl2 🌷🌹🌻 Meme

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