PRAY FOR US SINNERS JACKSON #10 00CHRISTIAN BAPTIST SUN SERVICE 930 AM&1100 AM SUN EVE 700 PM PASTOR COUNT YOUR MANY BLESSINGS REPENT CHURCHES CHRISTIAN FIRST BRETHREN CHURCH oFTHE BRETHREN EVANGELICAL METHODIST banana0042 maybeware fantastigasmical kaci3po watergender psychicdictatorship the aesthetic of american far right christianity is horrifying run-down signs screaming about hell in the middle of nowhere is my aesthetic though You don’t know true pants-shitting fear until you’re driving in the middle of nowhere not a single sign of civilization as far as the eye can see haven’t seen another living being in three hours and then out of nowhere suddenly looms a half-destroyed barn with the words “HELL IS REAL” painted on what remains of the roof I’ll be honest you could say most of these were from a horror game and I wouldn’t doubt you Implying America isn’t a horror game lately America isn’t a game It is just a horror I like the count your blessings one though???? Like instead of counting yiure flaws look on the positive sides of yourself Meme

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